Friday, May 15, 2009

About me!

I was born in Kenitra, Morocco (North Africa) . My family is a simple one but yet special. It is filled with lots of love and care. I will not trade my amazing parents and siblings for any wealth nor power from this world. They mean everything to me and I am grateful to them. I have three sisters and one brother, and Yes I am the little one in the family if you are wondering! My brother and sisters always tease me, even now, but I think that is how they show me their love. My parents raised us to always care for each other, love one another, and respect one another. Even now, some of us live in the US and others are in different sides of the spectrum the love between us has never weakened, but rather grew much stronger.

I miss my home! Growing up in Morocco the whole experience is priceless. We are not one of the advanced nations, nor the wealthiest but the bond that brings people together no words can describe it. I miss my friends, my neighborhood, the food (it is the best), the family, and the list goes on. Living in a different country is also a great adventure and by far it has been a great one. I met a wonderful girl to whom I am married, and after five wonderful years of marriage, God has granted us a beautiful little boy. His name is Sayf-Adeen.

I studied Mathematics and Finance in my undergraduate's at Shepherd University, WV. Afterwards, I joined Penn State University where I received my Masters degree in Mathematics. A lot of people hate this subject. But, the pleasure and joy it brings me words cannot describe! Mathematics is pure beauty, and now I am fortunate to teach it and share it with all my students. My goal as an instructor is to show my students how eye opening the subject is and maybe convert few to become future mathematicians !!

This is a glimpse about myself! I am just an ordinary person searching for the unknown, hopping to change the world to a better place where the humanity can live in harmony! Maybe it is a lot to ask for, but keep in mind our "Universe" was not built in a day and so change does not happen in a day!